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This table contains all Kindle models ever released, starting with the oldest Kindle, the Kindle 1 from 2007, to the newest model – the Kindle Scribe.

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NameImageMSRP ReleasedAvailability Current price Display typeDisplay size
(pixels W×H)
Pixel densityScreen light?Adjust color
Auto-rotate?TouchscreenButton controls?Stylus inputDark modeDropbox &
Google Drive?
AudiobooksBluetoothWi-Fi?Cellular networkInternal storageRAMCPU clock speedMicroSD card reader?3.5 mm AUX out?Battery capacity (3.7V)USB (charging) portWaterproof?Size (cm H×W×D)Weight (gram) Size (inch H×W×D)Weight (oz) :Color optionsAccessories in the boxModel numberUser guide / manualOfficial site link
Kindle Scribekindle-scribe$339.992022AvailableAmazonE Ink Carta 120010.21860×2480300 PPIYesYesWi-Fi 5No16.0 GB | 32 GB | 64 GB 1000 MB1 GHz dual core3000 mAhUSB-CNo23.0×19.6×5.84339.0×7.7×0.2215.3 ozBlackBasic pen, or
Premium pen (+$30)
C4A6T4User GuideAmazon
Kindle 11kindle-11$119.992022AvailableAmazonE Ink Carta61072×1448300 PPIYesNoWi-Fi 5No16 GB512 MB1 GHz dual core1040 mAhUSB-CNo15.7×10.86×0.81586.2×4.3×0.325.56 ozBlack, blueC2V2L3User GuideAmazon
Kindle PPW Sign.$189.992021AvailableAmazonE Ink Carta 12006.81236×1648300 PPIYesYesWi-Fi 5No32 GB512 MB1 GHz1700 mAhUSB-C
+ charge wireless
Yes - IPX8
(60 mins, 2 meters)
17.4×12.5×0.812086.9×4.9×0.327.3 ozBlack, blue,
M2L4EKUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Paperwhite 5kindle-paperwhite-5$159.992021AvailableAmazonE Ink Carta 12006.81236×1648300 PPIYesYesWi-Fi 5No8.0 GB | 16 GB 512 MB1 GHz1700 mAhUSB-CYes - IPX8
(30 mins, 1.5 meters)
17.4×12.5×0.812056.9×4.9×0.327.2 ozBlack, blue,
M2L3EKUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Oasis 3kindle-oasis-3$249.992019AvailableAmazonE Ink Carta71264×1680300 PPIYesYes✔ Page-turnWi-Fi 44G optional 8.0 GB | 32 GB 512 MB1 GHz dual core1130 mAhMicro-USBYes - IPX8
(30 mins, 1.5 meters)
15.9×14.1×0.841886.3×5.6×0.336.6 ozGraphite, goldS8IN4OUser GuideAmazon
Kindle 10kindle-10$109.992019DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta6600×800167 PPIYesNoWi-Fi 44G8 GB512 MB1 GHz1040 mAhMicro-USBNo16.0×11.3×0.871746.3×4.5×0.346.1 ozBlack, whiteJ9G29RUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Paperwhite 4kindle-paperwhite-4$129.992018DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta HD61072×1448300 PPIYesNoWi-Fi 44G optional 8.0 GB | 32 GB 512 MB1 GHz1500 mAhMicro-USBYes - IPX8
(30 mins, 1.5 meters)
16.7×11.6×0.821826.56×4.56×0.326.4 ozBlack, plum,
sage, twilight blue
PQ94WIFUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Oasis 2kindle-oasis-2$249.992017DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta71264×1680300 PPIYesNo✔ Page-turnWi-Fi 44G optional8.0 GB | 32 GB 512 MB1 GHz dual core1000 mAhMicro-USBYes - IPX8
(30 mins, 1.5 meters)
15.9×14.1×0.831946.3×5.6×0.336.8 ozGraphite, goldCW24WIUser GuideAmazon
Kindle 8kindle-8$1002016DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Pearl6600×800167 PPINoNoWi-Fi 43G4 GB512 MB1 GHz890 mAhMicro-USBNo16.0×11.5×0.911616.3×4.5×0.365.7 ozBlack, whiteSY69JLUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Oasiskindle-oasis$3092016DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta61072×1448300 PPIYesNo✔ Page-turnWi-Fi 43G optional 4 GB512 MB1 GHz1535 mAh Micro-USBNo14.4×12.2×0.851305.6×4.8×0.344.6 ozBlackCharging coverS8IN4OUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Paperwhite 3kindle-paperwhite-3$1402015DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta HD61072×1448300 PPIYesNoWi-Fi 43G optional 4 GB512 MB1 GHzVia USB adapter1420 mAhMicro-USBNo16.9×11.7×0.912056.65×4.61×0.367.2 ozBlack, whiteDP75SDIUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Voyagekindle-voyage$2202014DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta HD61072×1448300 PPIYesNo✔ Haptic page-turnWi-Fi 43G optional 4 GB512 MB1 GHzVia USB adapter1320 mAhMicro-USBNo16.2×11.5×0.761796.4×4.5×0.306.3 ozBlackNM460SZUser GuideAmazon
Kindle 7kindle-paperwhite-2$1002014DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Pearl6600×800167 PPINoNoWi-Fi 43G4 GB256 MB1 GHz890 mAhMicro-USBNo16.9×11.9×1.021916.7×4.7×0.406.7 ozBlack, whiteWP63GWUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Paperwhite 2kindle-paperwhite-2$1402013DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Carta6758×1024212 PPIYesNoWi-Fi 43G optional 2.0 GB | 4 GB 256 MB1 GHz1420 mAhMicro-USBNo16.9×11.7×0.912066.7×4.6×0.367.3 ozBlackDP75SDIUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Paperwhitekindle-paperwhite$1402012DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Pearl6758×1024212 PPIYesNoWi-Fi 43G optional 2 GB256 MB0.8 GHz1420 mAhMicro-USBNo16.9×11.7×0.912136.7×4.6×0.367.5 ozBlackEY21User GuideAmazon
Kindle 5kindle-5$902012DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Pearl6600×800167 PPINoNo✔ D-padWi-Fi 43G2 GB256 MB0.8 GHz890 mAhMicro-USBNo16.6×11.4×0.871706.5×4.5×0.345.98 ozBlackSV98LNUser GuideAmazon
Kindle Touchkindle-touch$1492011DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Pearl6600×800167 PPINoNAWi-Fi 43G optional 4 GB256 MB0.8 GHz1420 mAhMicro-USBNo17.2×12.0×1.012136.8×4.7×0.407.5 ozSilverD01200User GuideAmazon
Kindle 4kindle-4$1092011DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink Pearl6600×800167 PPINoNA✔ Page-turn, D-padWi-Fi 43G2 GB256 MB0.8 GHz890 mAhMicro-USBNo16.6×11.4×0.871706.5×4.5×0.345.98 ozBlack, silverD01100User GuideAmazon
Kindle Keyboardkindle-keyboard$1392010DiscontinuedAmazonE ink Pearl6600×800167 PPINoNA✔ Keyboard, D-padWi-Fi 43G optional 4 GB256 MB0.532 GHz1750 mAhMicro-USBNo19.05×12.19×0.852417.5×4.8×0.3358.5 ozBlack, silverD00901Quick Start GuideAmazon
Kindle DXkindle-dx$4892009DiscontinuedAmazonE ink Pearl9.7824×1200150 PPINoNA✔ Keyboard, D-padNo3G4 GB128 MB0.532 GHz1530 mAhMicro-USBNo26.4×18.3×1.053610.4×7.2×0.3818.9 ozBlack, whiteD00611User GuideAmazon
Kindle 2kindle-2$2992009DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink6600×800167 PPINoNA✔ Keyboard, D-padNo3G2 GB32 MB0.532 GHz1530 mAhMicro-USBNo20.3×13.5×0.92898.0×5.3×0.3610.2 ozWhiteD00701Quick Start GuideAmazon
Kindle 1kindle-1$3992007DiscontinuedAmazonE Ink6600×800167 PPINoNA✔ KeyboardNo3G0.256 GB64 MB0.4 GHz
(SD card)
1530 mAhUSB Mini-BNo19.05×13.46×1.782897.5×5.3×0.710.2 ozWhiteD01400User GuideAmazon


  1. MSRP is for the e-reader without additional accessories, like a stylus or cover. If such an accessory is always included (see column: Accessories in the box), then it’s also included in the listed price.
  2. Some Amazon Kindle e-readers are are also available with ads on the lockscreen, usually for a $20 discount on the listed MSRP for the base model without ads. You can remove the ads at a later date by paying the difference later (here).

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8 thoughts on “Compare Kindle e-reader models”

  1. It’s Amazon Prime day today and tomorrow (July 16th and 17th 2024), which means you can find deals on Kindles!

    As I can see it right now, the Prime Day deals are as follows (Kindle model name + Amazon link, list price -> price now):

    Kindle 11th gen: $99 -> $84.99
    Kindle 11th gen without lock-screen ads: $119.99 -> $99.99
    Kindle Paperwhite 5th gen 16 GB: $149.99 -> $134.99
    Kindle Paperwhite 5th gen 16 GB without lock-screen ads: $169.99 -> $144.50
    Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: $189.99 -> $179.99
    Kindle Scribe 16 GB with basic pen: $339.99 -> $234.99
    Kindle Scribe 16 GB with premium pen: $369.99 -> $259.99
    Kindle Scribe 16 GB Essentials bundle (premium pen, folio cover & power adapter): $469.97 -> $289.97
    Kindle Scribe 32 GB: $389.99 -> $389.99 (not discounted)
    Kindle Scribe 32 GB Essentials bundle (Folio cover & power adapter): $489.97 -> $314.97
    Kindle Scribe 64 GB: $419.99 -> $419.99 (not discounted)
    Kindle Scribe 64 GB Essentials bundle (Folio cover & power adapter): $529.97 -> $334.97

    The Oasis 3 International version, which doesn’t ship to the US, is also heavily discounted (but isn’t marked as a Prime Day deal):
    Kindle Oasis 3 8 GB: $269.99 -> $135
    Kindle Oasis 3 32 GB: $349.99 -> $175

    Make sure to check the prices for yourself as deals might be limited or can change at any moment.

  2. Some clarification on the Kindle model names, as it might be a bit confusing.

    The first thing to address is that Amazon just lists the newest devices they’re as the ‘Kindle’, ‘Kindle Paperwhite’ and ‘Kindle Oasis’, without listing the generation of the device.

    To make it easier to distinguish and compare, the devices are more commonly known by adding their generation. I’ve done so in the comparison table as well.

    However, others also go with the release year. Then there’s also some that will call the cheapest Kindle device of every generation the ‘Kindle Basic’.

    To clarify, here’s a list of all devices that are known by multiple names:

    Kindle 11 = ‘Kindle 11th generation’, ‘Kindle 2022’, ‘Kindle Basic 4’, or ‘Kindle Basic 2022’
    Kindle 10 = ‘Kindle 10th generation’, ‘Kindle 2019, ‘Kindle Basic 3’, or ‘Kindle Basic 2019’
    Kindle 8 = ‘Kindle 8th generation’, ‘Kindle 2016’, ‘Kindle Basic 2’, or ‘Kindle Basic 2016’
    Kindle 7 = ‘Kindle 7th generation’, ‘Kindle 2014’, ‘Kindle Basic 1’, ‘Kindle Basic 2014’

    Kindle Paperwhite 5 = ‘Paperwhite 5th generation’ (as it’s the 5th generation of the ‘Paperwhite’ device), ‘Paperwhite 2021′, or ’11th generation Kindle Paperwhite’ (as it’s the 11th overall Kindle e-reader release generation)
    Kindle Paperwhite 4 = ‘Paperwhite 4th generation’, ‘Paperwhite 2019′, ’10th generation Kindle Paperwhite’
    Kindle Paperwhite 3 = ‘Kindle Paperwhite 3rd generation’, ‘Paperwhite 2015’, ‘7th generation Kindle Paperwhite’
    Kindle Paperwhite 2 = ‘Kindle Paperwhite 2nd generation’, ‘Paperwhite 2013’, ‘6th generation Kindle Paperwhite’
    Kindle Paperwhite = ‘First generation Kindle Paperwhite’, ‘Paperwhite 2012’

    Kindle Oasis 3 = ‘Oasis 3rd generation’, ‘Oasis 2019′, ’10th generation Oasis’
    Kindle Oasis 2 = ‘Oasis 2nd generation’, ‘Oasis 2017’, ‘9th generation Oasis’
    Kindle Oasis = ‘Oasis first generation’, Oasis 2016′, ‘8th generation Oasis’

    If you want to know which model you have, or are looking at in a listing, make sure to also check the model number and compare it with the model numbers listed in the table. You can find the model numbers on the backside of your device, in small lettering, near the bottom.